Ascalia helps factories save energy, reduce waste and improve their efficiency using AI and easy digitalization.


Ascalia is an industry 4.0 solution which uses modern technology to help existing factories optimize their operations with little upfront capital cost. It connects all machinery into one platform, analyzes data in real-time and uses machine learning to reduce waste, defects and breakdowns, leading to better efficiency and smaller environmental impact.


Industry efficiency
Industrial Automation
Artificial intelligence

Business Model

Our business model is a typical B2B SaaS model, where we charge an upfront setup fee and a yearly license. Yearly license pricing is based on the number of connected machinery, while setup fee depends on the type of plant, machinery and use-cases that will be tackled. In addition to that, we usually have a pilot with our clients before doing a full rollout. Pilot projects are always paid projects, lasting up to 3-4 months with mutually agreed measurable KPIs. After a successful pilot we proceed with a full rollout. We are focused on helping indust


Our target for 2020 changed a bit from the original one due to covid19, but now that economy is recovering we are planning to resume the original plans. We are rapidly getting new clients, so our first goal is to grow the team, especially support and installation engineers as well as sales (engineers). We will also grow the development and R&D teams. We also hop to resume our plans of starting sales in Germany and DACH in general. We are already engaged with an advisor and sales personnel from Munich on this topic.