Creating a plant cultivation system aimed towards general public, while collecting data for more sustainable future.


By combining the vertical farming with cutting-edge technology, Urban Oasis is the brink of IoT, cloud-based IT, aeroponics, resource efficiency, intelligent algorithms and passion for nature – targeted as personal, household product. The proposed system adjusts microclimate conditions real-time and ensures optimal cultivation of plants. Upgraded with sensors and software support, it provides rapid plant modeling and environment identification solution.


Management of networks, grids
Smart building
Sensors and actors
Food and beverage
Urban micro farming equipment
Medical technology/devices

Business Model

The product as fourfold-role sophisticated rapid plant cultivation system aims for the general public market from early hand-made towards serial production, from premium to widely- accessible product. As it provides food to the areas with reduced agricultural farming capabilities, together with the cutting-edge tech and premium product impression, initial business plan is set to target Northwestern Europe and Middle East. With the same core at lower TRLs, the product is turned into rapid plant identification system for searching the optimal growth


From technological aspect: finishing the prototype and making first product available for home use. From team aspect: expanding, finding new researchers, volunteers and employees. From market, business and financial aspect: establishing USP and clear business plan.