reUse app is a platform that unites furniture up-cyclist and enables end users to return their large scale items back in the economy.


reUse app solves, on the one hand, the end users’ number-one problem, which is how to be environmentally friendly handling bigger household items. On the other hand, we are giving businesses and up-cyclists a unique solution to not only increase the amount of input materials for their production but also reach the right target group of people. Through the circular model, reUse app stimulates the reuse of old furniture, enabling it to live a second life.


Circular economy / waste mgmt.

Business Model

Our goal is to unite all furniture up-cyclists, promote their work and provide one single online marketplace, which will boost their production. By giving them a strong marketing and sales channel, they will increase their customers and thus income. The unified platform will promote the awareness for the specifics of their production, scale the niche and cause competition between the actors. One revenue stream is from subscriptions (monthly or annual) of the business customers (up-cycling companies) in the platform. Another revenue stream would be a perc


The plan for 2019 includes the launch of the Marketplace and the launch of the MVP of the platform, as well as number of events and workshops which will promote our activities and grow our network of partners.