The network of Nomadic Scooters self-service rental points around the city gives access for simple and quick commuting from door-to-door wherever you go and whatever other transport modes you are going to use - car, bus, metro, tram, train and yacht.


NomadicScooter develops solutions to increase the ratio of in-use electric vehicles to fuel powered vehicles, especially in congested cities. The first solution is 3 wheel foldable electric scooter, designed in style of functionalism and one of the smallest e-scooters in folded position – 59x38x22.5cm. In the same time the frame and moving parts fit high standards of durability and good ratio with weight.


Mobility, Smart cities, Transport & logistics

Business Model

Our target client is well-off urbanite who prioritize the value of time and hi-end products. Client has option 1) to buy scooter; or 2) to rent out in self-service rental points; client can pay on-site or to pay monthly fee with the option to swap scooter unlimited time per period. The network of self-service rental points covers the most congested areas within city – central stations, business/shopping centers, university campuses. Cooperation with existing mobile payment service platform will ensure convenient money transaction for both sides.


1) To do FieldTest (to approve/reject assumptions) and set up the full Business Model 1.1) To visit the main partners / clients 1.2.) To prepare marketing materials 2) Finalize prototype (TRL 7 ? TRL8) 2.1) Improvements in design; 2.2) Prototype for premium segment 3) To have started negotiations with investors 3.1.) applying in accelerators and pitch events