It's not magic. It's innovation. We 3D Print Personalised Medical Implants


OS Implants is a startup that is driven by the idea for personalised medicine. We are a team of young people covering all key ares important for biotech startup. We are developing 3D printing technology in order to create personalised medical implants for the human orthopaedic, human dental and veterinary orthopaedic industries.


Health Services
Medical technology/devices

Business Model

We live in a planet with rapidly ageing population suffering from chronic diseases including orthopaedic disorders, bone trauma, bone tumors. Using Computer Tomography (CT) scans we can develop precise virtual images of the patient trauma and using that information we can develop personalised medical implants. We plan to use PEEK as a polymer to 3D print the implants. We plan to provide this implants to Dental, Orthopaedic, Neurosurgery hospitals and to veterinary orthopaedic hospitals. Our business model is B-B-C.


We plan to create, test and validate 3D PEEK Printing platform in laboratory environment. We plan to broaden the RnD focus to non-polymer based resources to 3D print medical implants. We are about to finish our marketing research and plan to develop marketing strategy. We plan to scale our team and to establish key partnership with local structures like hospital and dental clinics. We believe that at the end of the 2019 we have approached pre-seed or seed investment and to have our first demo customers on the board.