We make our world more efficient and sustainable by harnessing insects to close the human food chain cycle.


Nasekomo drives circular economy by transforming organic by-products into animal proteins through Black Soldier Fly (BSF) insect farming - Nasekomo develops an efficient and sustainable system that converts the organic by-products first into insect biomass, which is in turn transformed into a protein feed alternative for aquaculture and livestock. Nasekomo’s activities aim at decreasing both the amount of organic food waste dumped in landfills, thus reducing GHG emissions, as well as the EU animal feed industry’s carbon footprint.


Circular economy / waste mgmt.
Clean Industry
Industry efficiency
Industrial Automation

Business Model

We simultaneously take on the increase in both greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and deforestation, caused by the global demand for proteins. With the fast-growing world population and rising living standards, the demand for proteins is expected to increase further in the near future - by at least 70% in the next 15 years. We transform organic co-products into high-value insect protein meal, insect oil and frass. The first two products are sold to the animal feed industry (aquafeed and pet food), the third product is a high-quality organic fertilizer.


We aim at selling our whole 2019 demo factory production, have a working prototype of our industrial-scale insect-rearing equipment, and attract the needed investment to start the construction of our first large-scale factory. This new facility will allow us to increase our production capacity 100 times to meet insect protein demand. Furthermore, we target submitting a patent application for our product transformation technology, as well as continue working on our R&D projects aimed at automating processes, and refining our second product - insect oil.