HYREVISION design and assemble high resolution optical systems that decrease risks of accidents and increase efficiency of observation.


Hyrevision enable to see through fog, smoke and darkness using Visual and Short Wave Infra Red optical systems with very high resolution. We have designed optical system that has 10 times increased resolution comparing with existing solutions. Our team consists from scientists with space research background and entrepreneurs with experience within different industries.


Mobility, transport & logistics
Traffic Management
Other Vehicles

Business Model

Poor visibility in fog and darkness is reason for increased accidental risks and limited operational time that creates increased costs and downtime. HYREVISION design and assemble optical systems enabling to see through fog, smoke and darkness. Those can be integrated in various observation, security and transport unit active control systems. Business model include low custom volume product assembling and sales to control system developers in same time high volume product design licensing to camera manufacturers.


Validate technology by industrial prototype testing in sea port conditions. There are planned market, business model and product validation activities to become ready for customer acquisition, sales and new product development.