DronePlan is a Drone Software service company, driven to automate the entire process of drone-based utility inspections for hard-to-reachable assets.


DronePlan doesn’t make drones, we make them better having created one of the advanced aerial sensor systems and our technology powers the automatic collection and analysis of unmanned aerial inspection data. Intelligent flight planning software, comprehensive technology enable companies to plan, create, and analyze all forms of aerial data within an enterprise workflow.


Energy, Facilities, Robotics

Business Model

On-line and off-line (via Franchise Development, working now in Finland, Germany and UK) sales of software subscription sales for Enterprise clients (include training, service and equipment sales); Customized solution for customers and Partners (technology, Languages and more); Equipment manufacturer promotion and advertisement via DronePlan solution.


Product Ready. Internal testing is done, product testing with clients. Starting of sales process.