kiteKRAFT makes more affordable wind power plants, based on a tethered electric aircraft – that’s a kite.


kiteKRAFT develops novel wind power plants based on a tethered electric aircraft, that is a kite. The kite is flown in figure eights and acts like the blade tips of a conventional wind turbine. These generate the majority of energy as they sweep the largest area. A kite power plant can generate energy cleaner and cheaper than any other technology.


Clean Energy

Business Model

Electricity generation must be changed towards 100 % renewables, which is only possible, if the costs are competitive. We develop and manufacture kiteKRAFT systems, and sell them to e.g. farmers, businesses in rural areas, island grid operators, and utility companies. Besides a direct upfront payment, different financing models are available, e.g. leasing, renting, or payment per energy unit. kiteKRAFT also offers services over the entire power plant lifetime. Customers earn a return on investment due to the low cost of a kiteKRAFT system.