BATREMAN will create a truly sustainable electric mobility by implementing a circular economy for lithium-ion batteries


BATREMAN takes back used batteries, analyses them and will always take the best decisions for each component’s recovery strategy. The batteries are disassembled, sorted, remanufactured and new batteries can be build. The remaining components will be put into the specific recycling routes.


Clean Energy
Energy storage solutions
Energy management systems
Management of networks, grids
Circular economy / waste mgmt.
Mobility, transport & logistics
Smart (e)mobility
Other Vehicles
Clean Industry
Online/digital services/eCommerce

Business Model

With electric cars there is one big problem: Batteries loose capacity over time & usage cycles. At 80% total capacity they cannot be used in cars. Only very few cells inside the battery define that - Most of the battery is still in good condition. By law manufacturers have to take batteries back & pay for their ineffcient disposal. Our solution takes back used batteries, analyses for best recovery strategies, The batteries are disassembled sorted & new batteries can be build. 2 demonstrators were build at RWTH Aachen University.


For the next months we want to detail the business plan, validate more technical ideas, discuss the idea with further possible customers to get their feedback and most important officially found the company. In 2019/20 we plan to remanufacture a pre-series of 100 batteries in Aachen. Also we applied for funding options and thinking on the best strategy to offically incorperate as a company.


Christoph Lienemann