High-Temperature Energy-Storage


Kraftblock offers high-temperature thermal storage systems, storing at up to 1,300 °C and a high storage density of more than 1.2 MWh/m3 with nearly infinite lifespan (tested for 15,000 cycles). Our development is a eco-friendly granule, consisting of up to 85% recycled materials. Diverse heat transfer media can be used such as air, flue gas or oil. We offer extendable modular system with 30 and 60 MWh containers with efficient transformation . also into electricity due to high storage temperature. It is easy to store & extract energy by pumping i.e air


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Business Model

The main problem we adress is the energy tansition - electrical but also thermal energy transition. a) electrical transition on our way to 100% renewables we need storages to decouple energy production from energy usage. b) industrial waste heat. As the heat market marks app. 52% of the energy consumption (in Germany), it is a big scale market. Everywhere where heat is produced, waste heat is a result (app. 280TWh/a in Germany). We recover this waste heat and use it as process heat, district heating or even production of electrical power.


Pilotproject in the renewable industry