Digital Twins for The Future of Mobility


TWAICE mission is building and operating Digital Twins to increase productivity, safety, reliability and prolong product lifetime. First, with our Digital Battery Twin, we help our customers to make batteries that work better, last longer, and function reliably in the field. Therefore TWAICE offers advanced battery analytic solution combining real-time measurements and parameter determination with a proprietary online analysis software to solve the downsides of lithium-ion batteries like e.g. unknown and short lifetime.


Circular economy / waste mgmt.
Other Vehicles
Clean Industry
Industry efficiency
Monitoring and Compliance
Artificial intelligence

Business Model

TWAICE makes money by partnering with companies such as battery system manufacturers, which then use the software by themselves and sell it as a service to their customers. After a first opportunity assessment with our clients, we adjust our platform modules. Therefore, TWAICE receives an initial application fee and additionally we sell our software as a service (annual fee).


Our main goals in 2018 are: launching our software, doing additional payed pilots and securing additional funding.