Maiot provides predictive maintenance solutions for heavy-duty vehicles to avoid on-road breakdowns


Maiot leverages the power of data analytics to predict failures of heavy-duty vehicles before they occur. The relevant historical and real-time data is collected by the telematics device that is already installed in the trucks. Through predictive maintenance, we optimize the maintenance schedule, provide transparency on the current fleet health status and increase uptime and reliability.


Mobility, transport & logistics
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Artificial intelligence

Business Model

We will generate profit via a subscription-based model. Our target market is 2% of the trucks in Europe equipped with telematics. From these trucks, we are able to transmit the input data needed for the algorithm to predict breakdowns. We optimize maintenance scheduling and aim for 30% reduction in costs for the fleet operator. Thereby, we charge 10% of the maintenance costs that can be saved from our solution. With 80,000 trucks that can be serviced and 28EUR per truck per month, there’s potential for 27 Mio. € annual revenues.


Our target for this year is to acquire pilot customers to develop our machine learning algorithms together with them in the field.


Adam Probst