Textile Inventory optimizes waste management for manufacturing companies and post-industrial textile waste for circular economy practices.


Textile Inventory has a novel solution to cover the whole textile industry value chain! Solution consists of: Software for textile waste optimisation, collection of textile waste, recycling of textile waste, sales of sorted and recycled materials and in-house product development of recycled materials (fiber for stuffing, yarn, sound and thermal insulation materials, fireproof materials and many more).


Manufacturing, Textile

Business Model

Textile Inventory approach enables manufacturers to reduce textile waste in the manufacturing by 65% and eliminate the cost of waste utilization. Secondary material users can save 20% of their material costs. The collected materials are sorted into different categories: Large textile pieces and textiles in rolls which are sold to craftsmen and designers; Shredded materials which are reprocessed into fibres and sold as stuffing material; Reprocessed fibre is remade into yarn. We are developing products for construction industry from the recyc


Collect, sort and alayze first 20 tonnes of textiles from local manufacturing companies. It will serve as an input for establishing our cooperation and tailoring our service to their needs. Establish cooperations with academical institutions with whom we develop products for the construction industries. Establish long term partnerships with sellers and purchasers. The sales of textiles in pieces and in rolls are communicated through our partners.