data driven change leads to a future we wished for


S O NAH developed a decentralized optical sensor platform that is trained to detect urban changes. The data generated enables 3rd parties to deliver new and better services. First Application that is running on the platform is a parking spot detector and a car-counter. Almost any Applications is imaginable, but our highest priority is, that we do not generate any private data.


Green building
Smart building
Sensors and actors
Mobility, transport & logistics
Traffic Management
Smart (e)mobility
Other Vehicles
Fueling/charging infrastructure
Online/digital services/eCommerce
Artificial intelligence

Business Model

Our first Business-Model was hardware driven. We sold or rent out Sensors to companies to solve their parking problem for their employees. In urban areas we sell data to mobility providers like parking payment solutions or e-charging apps.


our target was to finish our first service, the parking detection. In 2018 the goal is to install sensors in a city quarter to show the benefits of our platform