Enabling the energy transition with a cloud-based analytics platform for smart grids


envelio is a spin-off from RWTH Aachen University and provides the Intelligent Grid Platform to grid operators for the next phase of the energy transition. Grid planning and operation processes are automated by envelio to enable a faster and more cost-efficient integration of renewable generation and electric vehicle charging. The core of envelio’s technology are optimization and machine learning algorithms based on the founders’ five PhD theses.


Energy management systems
Management of networks, grids

Business Model

The energy transition requires more flexible energy grids to integrate millions of renewable energy resources. Grid operators’ IT systems and processes are not ready for this challenge. envelio’s Intelligent Grid Platform is a modular grid operating system for the distributed energy world that assists engineers working for grid operators. Smart Grid Technologies are integrated from planning stage to grid operation. Our business model is based on recurring software as a service fees for each application module in the platform and one time onboarding fees


Our targets for this year include a new release of our software Intelligent Grid Platform to include application modules for grid capacity forecasting and real time grid operation. On the business side, we want to expand on our current pilot projects to roll-out our platform to more medium and low voltage grids. Next to our current German customers (e.g. Westnetz of the Innogy group or E.DIS of the E.ON group), we would like to also have our first international pilots.