Clean Maritime Propulsion


Humphry Marine creates an emission-free propulsion system for boats, powered by electric fuel cells. Our technology enables highly efficient, powerful and scalable propulsion meeting the requirements of a wide range of boat applications. Besides the hardware modules, we develop intelligent control algorithms that enable optimized operation strategies with highest efficiency.


Clean Energy
Mobility, transport & logistics

Business Model

More and more yacht builders want to offer boats to their customers that are equipped with a sustainable high-tech propulsion option yet being competitive to conventional diesel or gasoline engines. We satisfy that need by selling our propulsion system to these yacht builders as well as taking care of the hydrogen supply. For every unit sold, we will offer an additional range of services from scheduled product upgrades to predicted maintenance - all offered by our intelligent control system.


We will present our first prototype this summer in Berlin. Besides that, two pilot projects with actual customers are in planning and will be executed in 2019. Currently we are also establishing partnerships with boat manufacturers with the goal to set up a first series of humphry powered boats.


Moritz Weißenborn