SIRPLUS - sustainability for everybody!


SIRPLUS as a social impact start-up from Berlin massively saves and reduces B2B surplus food by matching supply and demand efficiently through our online shop and our two Rettermärkte (food outlets) in Berlin. In close partnership with producers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers, we buy either imperfect, close to expiry, or past best before date food and bring it back into the circle.


Circular economy / waste mgmt.
Food and beverage
Online/digital services/eCommerce

Business Model

Food businesses like retailers, logistics players and producers have to dispose vast amounts of the food they cannot sell anymore. Germany alone wastes 18m tons food per year which means one truckload every minute. We buy surplus food from our partners in this sector and sell it at discount prices through our two stores, B2B and our online shop. Through the sale of our products, we earn money that enables us both to save further food and increase our profit margin. Of all food provided to us, we donate 20% to NGOs.


In 2018 we grow our sales through 2 additional stores and reach the break even point. Our proof of concept will show that our food outlet works as well in a big location. Furthermore we need an adequate warehouse which fits our rapid growth and expansion to cooled and deep frozen as well as fresh produce. For our daily processes we want to introduce more efficient software, empower our heads with more management skills, hire a Head of E-Commerce and start our first shop in shop solution with a prominent German Online Shop.