Sphebotics boosts solar energy efficiency with new trackers and true datasets


Sphebotics is a solar tracker – a solution for harvesting as much solar energy as possible and collecting exploitation data. Sphebotics patent pending is the first technology being affordable and suitable for use in urban areas. As a sensor platform, Sphebotics tracker provides accurate and real-time solar energy and environmental data. The combination of both trackers and datasets is the best solution to increase efficiency.


Clean Energy
Management of networks, grids
Smart building
Fueling/charging infrastructure

Business Model

Sphebotics has both hardware and dataset market targets. Firstly, Sphebotics is a 2-axis spherical tracker whose low-cost design creates the most efficient system. It has a broader scope of possible installations including rooftops and walls. Secondly, Sphebotics integrates sensors that collect in real-time solar power and Sun irradiation directly for each solar panel. These unique datasets are then used for servicing our customers and sold to tier companies.


Sphebotics most important milestone is the product validation from customers. We plan to deploy 50 trackers managed in pilot sites with clean energy partners or commercial real estate developers. In parallel we start the European certification process for our hardware and we build our sales channels and partnership with existing players.