More than 1.1 trillion USD global market potential gets lost in the renewables sector per year. E-nable+ is the one-stop online platform to help industry players catching this lost potential.


E-nable+ is a digital platform for advisory and matchmaking tailored to the global renewable energy industry. The platform helps developers to finish their projects, provides a transparent investment database for Investors, helps EPC companies and suppliers to shortcut their sales channels and freelancers to identify attractive assignments.


Clean Energy
Online/digital services/eCommerce
Data Centres and Services

Business Model

80% of all pre-developed renewable energy projects fail before execution. The global energy project market fails on it's fragmented structure. Players do not find each other in time and when necessary. E-nable+ provides a platform which helps project developers to instantly identify hidden pitfalls and connect them with required local experts, suppliers or investors. E-nable+ is a digital sell-side advisor for Project Developers, a transparent deal sourcing platform for Investors and a cost-efficient sales channel for Suppliers and Freelancers.


2018: Finish development and go-to-market of E-nable+ 2.0, including automated Project Validations, Market Intelligence Tools and Project Management Tool Support until start of Q3/2018. Validate MVP of E-nable+ 2.0 and finalize product-market fit by gathering further customer feedback within Q3. Start Investment Round to scale solution globally in Q4/2018.