Unique and impossible-to-fake fingerprints (labels) for various hard surfaces, providing manufacturers with supply chain control, as well as quality & authenticity assurance for every manufactured item.


InLable brings to market most versatile labeling and authenticity verification system. It uses an industry unique interferometric label design (developed together with manufacturer) that can be applied to ready-product hard surface in different ways (hot spray, industrial coating, laser etc.), coupled with InLable proprietary label processing algorithms to read such labels at nanometer scale, using standard camera.


Monitoring and Compliance

Business Model

For manufacturers we have two possible business models, where 1st is pay-per-label and 2nd is Inlable system licensing. Additionally we can offer free access to the mobile app, to scan the label on the product with smartphone camera and verify the authenticity at any given time.


Our goal is to complete the development of first industrial prototype, demonstrate its capabilities to potential industry customers and agree on first implementations.