makes photovoltaic building elements that that allow real estate owners to produce solar electricity on their roofs and facades without compromising the aesthetics of the building.

Description is innovative and building sector oriented solar energy company. Our products are building elements with activated photovoltaic surfaces that act as standard building skin materials and solar panels at the same time. The advantages of our panels compared to standard products are the reduced installation cost, reduced materials cost, and natural outlook of the building. Our competitive advantage is the IP based business and the implementation of innovative business models.


Cleantech, Energy, Manufacturing

Business Model

We have three business models. The first is the small series production of photovoltaic building materials and the sales to the end customer with or without the installation of the full roof. The second business model involves the licensing of the production technology to the roofing companies. The third business model is the sales of photovoltaic electricity that we produce on the rented roofs. With our roofing technology we have a potential to become a player on the energy market with one of the lowest CAPEX in the photovoltaic sector.


By the end of the 2017 we plan to have installed and grid connected four photovoltaic metal roofs that would serve as a reference to upscale the sales and production in 2018. In addition, we plan to have submitted two PCT patent applications. As we plan to move forward with export in 2018, we plan to get necessary certificates by the end of 2017 that allow us officially to start sales in our main export markets.