We are increasing the efficiency of production processes in petrochemical and chemical industries, by offering more advanced catalysts. Benefits – cost saving and improved efficiency of production processes.


Catalyco is a chemical engineering company introducing to the catalyst industry new method to increase active surface area (higher reaction rate) and improve structural strength (longer lifetime) of catalysts and absorbents. This technology, in comparison with other methods, does not involve nitrates in production process and does not require the use of expensive equipment and reagents, the use of vacuum or inert gas atmosphere, very high or, conversely, very low temperatures.


Industry efficiency
Materials Innovation
Nanotech, nano surfaces

Business Model

Our business model is licensing, starting with our 5 existing products, and development of new catalyst formulas and license those to catalyst producers. We will have two revenue streams: licensing fee and supply of specific additive, required in production process. License fee is estimated 35 €/t and the annual market potential is 105 mil €. Our goals are to work with chemical companies, discuss their new developments and problem areas, prepare test samples for new products according to our method and know-how, run test with new products, and develo


During the next year we will complete our team, secure the IP rights, test the market and get first sales. We are looking for a small investment to speed up our development.