Lets make evolution in Aluminium production industry with environment friendly and highly effective electromagnetic technologies.


We are “Contactless degassing technology” and we provide innovative technology to improve one essential Aluminium production step – Aluminium degassing. Instead of using mechanical contact with metal, our approach allows to influence the processes in Aluminium melt in contactless way with permanent magnets. It leads to higher efficiency, less service needs and lower work safety risks.


Industry efficiency

Business Model

During Aluminium production process hydrogen has to be removed from the melt to avoid pores in material after its casting. This process calls degassing. To make this process faster current technologies use direct contact with metal, it leads to limited efficiency and high service needs as elements are in aggressive environment. Our electromagnetic technology give the same degassing process improvement without moving parts in the melt, without high maintenance costs and service needs and during Aluminium production creates less waste material.


During 2018 from our product point of view we want to validate the technology according to the customer needs and evaluate the product price and its service needs. From business perspective point of view we will analyze current alternative technologies, develop business model and create marketing materials.


Mikus Milgravis