Clever Manufacturing.


Consumers want unique items and difficulties lie in providing tools to visualize their own desires. Plus, according to our clients (mainly in the furniture industry), the cost of production inefficiency and errors is 10% of annual sales, in an industry where margins are 15% to 30%! Our software gives manufacturers a way to become 8x faster than their competitors, increasing margins by 1/3 and sales by >20%


Industry efficiency

Business Model

We have developed a hybrid business model, where our software is sold both to manufacturers and retailers. For manufacturers, we provide workstation or company licenses, plus mandatory annual maintenance fee. For retailers, we have a monthly SaaS subscription, which allows the retailer to present and customize manufacturers’ products to meet end-consumers' requirements.


To scale up through customer acquisition, by selling our software (mainly) to furniture manufacturers and large carpenters that produce customized furniture.


André Sousa (CEO)