We are developing the mobile app that performs live training for truck drivers, using unique pairs of data, each truck-driver pair performs differently. With our methodology, road freight companies can save up to 20% in fuel and gas emissions.


FuelSave technology allows road freight companies save up to 20% in fuel and gas emissions, only by retraining drivers for better performance. After three years of research, we have developed a methodology that just one year saved 1.2M€ of fuel expenses, from a single 600 size truck company.


Circular economy / waste mgmt.
Smart (e)mobility
Other Vehicles

Business Model

Our business model is based a fixed fee per truck license of 10€ per month. Also, we charge a commission on savings of 20%, calculated of a baseline consumption. Moreover, we resell the necessary hardware, the tablet, installation and maintenance, which is around 1000€ per truck.


For 2018 the main targets for FuelSave are, increase our network of connected vehicles, close contract with a pilot client during the period of incubation in Climate Kick, obtain a provisional Patent and close a financial round