Internet of Things for Liquid Monitoring


WATGRID is a high tech company that provides solutions for remote and real time monitoring of liquid parameters such as density, temperature, color, level and turbidity. The portfolio includes an innovative solution for real time monitoring of wine vinification – WINEGRID. To keep track of all the information collected is only necessary an internet connection and a computer, tablet or smartphone.


Energy management systems
Management of networks, grids
Monitoring & compliance
Sensors and actors
Industry efficiency
Monitoring and Compliance
Data Centres and Services

Business Model

The time and money wasted, in parallel with lack of modernization, are key-factors that WINEGRID wants to solve in the traditional wine sector. Having these problems in consideration, WATGRID offers real-time monitoring equipped with high technology, allowing companies to keep track of important metrics to optimize their procedures.


WATGRID main goal is the development of new high tech solutions liquid-related as well as the internationalization of WINEGRID.


Rogério Nogueira