Hoterway ensures that hot water is instantly available in every faucet and shower while hot water re-circulation is normally off, optimising energy and water efficiency and improving the comfort of the facilities.


Heaboo team is composed by engineers and designers that create innovative and sustainable solutions to improve comfort while increasing water and energy efficiency. The founder has a PhD in Energy Engineering and a wide experience in research. The team includes important human assets in the fields of product design and industrialisation processes.


Energy storage solutions
Thermal Storage
Air, water & environment
Green building
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Industry efficiency

Business Model

Waiting for the hot water in showers and taps is a common experience. Conventional solutions maintain hot water in circulation in the pipes to ensure that water is always hot. This approach leads to significant energy waste due to thermal losses and electrical consumption of the pumps. This waste can represent more than 50% of the whole energy consumed by the water heater in a building. Hoterway stores energy locally to instantly heat the water in pipes in the next utilisation, avoiding the need for continuous re-circulation of hot water.


Speed up negotiation with potential distributors to make a pilot installation in the international market. Implement a strategy to speed up costumer acquisition through the demonstration of the product performance directly in the potential distributors. Define communication strategy in order to highlight the most valuable proposition for each product considering each target.