To have healthy development and clean environment because we believe that our children are the most important in the world


Name of our startup is "Bizbaz" and we created Beez&Toys the healthiest toys for babies and for nature. 90% of all toys are made of plastic, which cannot be recycled and some contain toxic chemicals with serious impact on children lives. We created a plush toy with an inner layer made of natural beeswax which transforms this toy in a toy with elements like modeling clay. With adaptable shape, antibacterial effect, different tactile surface, and honey scent, our toy maximizes children experience. In the same time, our toy is 100% natural, 100% recyclabl


Materials Innovation

Business Model

The toy industry is massive, and Plastic toys, account for 90 percent of the market. One of the things that separate plastic toys from other plastic objects is that very few toys can be recycled. The health effects of the chemicals used in the manufacturing of plastic toys are not fully known, but at least one type of common chemical, called phthalates ? which is used to soften toys ? has been linked to a number of health issues, including birth defects, cancer and diabetes Our solution is our product - natural baby plush toy with an inner layer m


In 2018, we are planning to finalize two final toys models and to successfully launch a crowdfunding campaign.


David Stokic