F-gases are causing Global Warming, with FREON FROG F-gases are causing Global COOLING


Freon Frog box enable existing cold storage systems to work in accordance with ,,New EU F-gases regulation" without huge investment in disassembling and installing new equipment. Freon Frog is absolute control of f-gases, with reuse and recycle of f-gases without human touch. Freon Frog doesn't stop just f-gases from leaking but also your money. It gives you cooling and heat energy, demineralized water and reduce electrical bills to 45%.


Waste to energy
Sensors and actors
Food and beverage
Industry efficiency
Monitoring and Compliance

Business Model

,,New EU F-gases regulation" active from 2020 is addressing that all F-gases users as cold storage in food industry, pharmacy, hospitals, transport, computer centres, because of sudden leaking of f-gases, have to change systems. This mean investments in money and time. Freon Frog stops f-gases from leaking and your money and time. Freon Frog is reason why existing equipment in cold storage can work in according to regulation.


Our target is to achieve or first reconstruction and installation of Freon Frog box. To present our solution to big European Agricultural Congress.


Nevena Aksic