We believe that everyone deserves to live in healthy and sustainable home. Our mission is to create affordable active houses: healthy, energy independent, sustainable prefabricated units, made from natural local materials, with integrated energy performance technologies and high quality indoor environment.


Novi model was founded in 2015, as a research entrepreneurial base for the development and realization of the idea of an INTEGRA active house affordable to everyone. We believe that affordable home can be made without unnecessary waste of resources, with efficient energy performance that provides for economic benefits for its inhabitants, whose individual well-being is aligned with the sustainable development goals.


Green building

Business Model

BUSINESS MODEL: TURNKEY Based / Offering: Turnkey solutions on customers owned property suitable for active building. Operational platform: Own architects, project management, data scientists and marketing. No own production. Firm purchases pre-cut components from main key supplier and installs houses on-site. 90% pre-site prefabrication, 10% on-site traditional assembly. Value creation logic: Value system - transforming inputs into integrated product and services (value chain + value shop) Key success factor is integration.


We aim to see the structural parts of the house prepared and manufactured, profit and loss and cash flow statements finalized, and the main process flow defined, by the end of the year.


Stratimirovic Tatjana