Woobox is natural alternative to Styrofoam boxes made of wool and wood in food chain supply.


The WooBox is intended to be used to transport all sorts of foods, intending to become a key element of the food delivery industry, becoming an alternative to large Styrofoam boxes used to transport fresh foods to restaurants, farmers markets and large retailers. In other words, it’s a natural alternative to expanded polystyrene foam in the food delivery industry. Relying on the well-known fact that naturally processed wool is a reliable insulation material, the WooBox team used leftovers of the wool industry to make the inside of their case.


Circular economy / waste mgmt.
Food and beverage
Clean Industry

Business Model

The wool industry has a very high standard when it comes to choosing the materials suitable to be used in the clothing industry. In fact, over 70% of wool worldwide does not pass that test, meaning that not even a third of it is used to make clothes while all the remaining wool is thrown away. Relying on the well-known fact that wool is a reliable and natural insulation material, the WooBox team uses the 70% leftovers of the wool industry for the inside of their box. It provides excellent security and insulation for the food within a WooBox.


Our goal is to produce 200,000 WooBoxes in year 3 - generating gross 3M EUR. We would build capacity for WooBox processing and fulfill numbers and standards for exporting packaging into US market which has strong influence on other world businesses. We can do that through purchasing machines, built a tools and process so we can decentralize production so we can spread over the world, where is same problem with waste wool on other continents (Asia, and Africa) including wool recycling into accessory use elements.