Get green, get rewarded!


The Greenroads Malta mobile application aims to facilitate, encourage and reward the use of sustainable mobility. We will initially focus on carpooling, and intend to grow to promote other forms of mobility such as walking, cycling, car / bike sharing and electric mobility, as well as work in synergy with other initiatives promoting green mobility and environmentally sustainable behaviour.


Mobility, transport & logistics
Traffic Management
Smart (e)mobility
Other Vehicles
Fueling/charging infrastructure

Business Model

The habit of car dependency is the root problem that causes two other problems – traffic and pollution. Greenroads Malta aims to cater for the needs of our precious environment, by encouraging and rewarding sustainable mobility and reducing the number of vehicles on the roads, while giving users points for being green. We propose a solution in the form of a smartphone application that makes it easy for car owners to use sustainable methods of transportation.


Our team was formed in 2017 and will be launching in 2018. We re currently testing our solution and intend to launch very soon. Our intention is to scale beyond the Maltese islands so we are looking for international partners from 2019 onwards.