ALGACAP is turning CO2 from waste into resource by using microalgae. If you are obliged to buy CO2 emission quota, we can help to reduce your costs and at the same time improve environmental impact.


ALGACAP develops technology for CO2 sequestration from flue gas. We are based in Tartu, Estonia and the interdisciplinary team of six includes the best knowledge from four different universities. The core of our technology is a photobioreactor module, which is easily upscalable and the user can benefit from the built-in remote monitoring and management system.


Agriculture, Circular economy, Cleantech, Climate/Environmental monitoring, Digitalization, Energy efficiency, Facilities, Manufacturing, Urban micro farming equipment

Business Model

ALGACAP offers CO2 sequestration technology either as a system on turn-key basis or as a flue gas cleaning service, where we remain the owners of the equipment as well as make use of the grown algae.


Our short-term targets include: 1) setting up an industrial-scale pilot plant as a reference for further sales and marketing; 2) extending our international network for collaboration both in R&D and sales; and 3) attracting additional funding for upscaling and additional team members in specific areas.


Liina Joller