Making Malta's Urban Mobility Green and Convenient


Fetchit is an on-demand delivery company that believes in revolutionising the mobility sector. Our aim is to allow urban citizens to run errands and move goods without relying on the private vehicle. By doing this we believe we can have a positive impact on traffic congestion and CO2 emissions thus making tomorrow’s urban life more convenient, cleaner and ultimately more sustainable.


Mobility, transport & logistics
Smart (e)mobility

Business Model

Our customers can choose to outsource their errand or delivery requirements at a fee per delivery. Fetchit’s customers are e-commerce platforms, corporate businesses and the general public. Fetchit handles requests such as: collect my food, deliver my iphone to the repair shop, fetch my shopping, pick-up my dry cleaning, collect and deliver these urgent documents…etc. Fetchit acts as a platform to match a ‘user’ requesting a ‘fetch’ with a ‘fetcher’ who is able and willing to fulfill the fetch request. Fetchit takes a small commission on every Fetch fulf


Product: building a platform that creates a great user experience for both ‘user’ and ‘fetchers’ alike allowing both parties to use the platform in an ‘on-demand’ way suited to their requirements and needs. Transactions: fulfilling 500 daily tasks or transactions Impact: saving tones of CO2 equivalent emissions on a monthly basis and reducing the amount of hours that our customers spend stuck in traffic and looking for parking on a daily basis