Making Events Greener. Globally.


Global Green Events aims to inspire and empower people to create positive change in the environment and socially throught sustainability initiatives.


Monitoring & compliance
Circular economy / waste mgmt.
Online/digital services/eCommerce

Business Model

Unsustainable event management creates a negative impact on the climate with wasted resources. Event goers want events to integrate sustainable practices, therefore making an event sustainable is a long & short term investment. Our solution creates an online platform within a website and mobile app where event managers access vital information on how to be sustainable, how to implement initiatives that work as well as a suppliers database to make it happen. A ROI comes from our event data capture system & featuring on our sustainable events showcase.


Global Green Events targets for 2019 are: Online Product Overhaul and IP set up; SEO and Marketing Platforms established; Networking with potential collaborators and clients