Mediterranean rooftop ecosystems and green walls to actively cool your building, reduce your costs and bring you a butterfly garden in the middle of the city.


Our start-up in Malta, VIVACITY LTD, brings an innovative technology for cooling the built environment by mimicking the local ecosystem. The technology uses green roof and green wall systems which act as insulation layers on the building, actively drawing heat out during the hot summer months and reducing heat loss in the winter months. In line with recently revised EU legislation on energy efficiency requirements for buildings, our green roofs and walls significantly improve the energy efficiency of the buildings they are applied to as well as absorbing


Smart building

Business Model

Cities are expanding rapidly with the increase of populations and will continue to do so around the world and in particular in developed countries, as a result of mass migration. Cities and their build environment are the largest source of air pollution globally: both from heating and cooling buildings and from traffic and there are increased problems of flooding caused by climate change and the lack of absorbent surfaces. The EU, the UN and governments around the world are increasing their budgets towards addressing climate change and our technology is


Within this project, our team would like to conclude the set up of a demonstration roof and wall in Malta, with signage as advertising. This will act as the local proof of concept. We are speaking with several potential clients, both individual and estate agents, architects, construction plans already ongoing and will be talking to construction companies and the government of Malta. Our aim is to make at least one sale by the end of 2018.