Tomappo • Climate Smart Agriculture for Self Sustained Food Producers


The software company Proventus, racunalniške storitve, d.o.o. was founded in May 2015. Proventus is building Tomappo – the best digital support for the best analogue activity. The main product of the start-up is a digital gardening assistant or Tomappo as it is known outside Slovenia. •;,, •


Air, water & environment
Monitoring & compliance
Sensors and actors
Food and beverage
Urban micro farming equipment
Online/digital services/eCommerce
Artificial intelligence

Business Model

Helping the user along the season means that we have all the data needed for efficient affiliate marketing of gardening related products & services. Based on our data & market data we breakeven with 200k users all around the world. Once we upgrade mobile app for needs of precision farming we’ll target market gardeners at first, next step will be targeting food producers in general – mobile app will offer payable PRO version for them. Business development is the current focus of our activities.


In 2018 we are adding features to increse engagement like support for seed exchange and developing fetures supporting precision farming, e.g. irrigation advice and integration with IoT sensors. These are aimed at small scale farmers and market gardeners at first and food producers in general next for a PRO subscription. By the end of 2018 we also plan to validate our advertising services for garden centers. Business development is the current focus of our activities.