T-labels4stores – provides temperature-sensitive labels for visual control of thermal conditions inside multideck chillers to assure proper storing conditions and to avoid wastage of food.


MyCol provide smart labels that change colour if temperature becomes too high. The change is clearly visible, without any power supply and special maintenance. The labels will be used in multideck chillers where temperature-sensitive food is exposed. If temperature increases above the upper limit, the fully-integrated sensor system sent alarm to an employee. While even an average store has a complex system with very many chilling units, many alarms may occur and cause nervous reactions. In the worse scenario, the overheated food is wasted. Our labels wil


Food and beverage
Clean Industry
Materials Innovation
Monitoring and Compliance

Business Model

Temperature-sensitive labels, suitable for some typical places inside multideck chillers will be prepared. They will be offered to food business, preferably to food shops. Recurring and wholesale will be assured. The evaluation strategy will be prepared to propose the benefit of the product.


MyCol Ltd tends to introduce visual control of temperature in chilling spaces. This will help to protect various temperature-sensitive items, especially food. The new labels are helpful for quick and secure visualizing of overheating in chillers. The novelty can be included also in video secure systems.


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