Waste management & recycling technology provider


Recycglobe offers a smart waste system that sends and receives fill-level data- analytics from sensors (RecycSense) through wireless data transmission, allowing recycling companies to observe the flow of recyclables, to calculate its volume and its value and to streamline the recovery process in real-time. RecycSense can be mounted on any type of bin and ensure targeted collection through data-driven decision making.


Circular economy / waste mgmt.
Sensors and actors
Data Centres and Services

Business Model

Collectors have limited access to recyclables and the cost of collection and separation is much higher to their value with no guarantee of stable input, so they fail to achieve the maximum profit. Their problem is to ensure that the bins and containers are collected at the right time. We offer a flexible pricing model based on the type of subscription (b2b/b2c). Our clients are able to streamline the recovery process and to obtain material in good acceptable conditions, by reducing the operation cost by 60%/ton.


Our main goals in 2017 are: launching our Software and hardware into the market acquiring first paying customers and to obtain quantitative data on the reduction of the optimisation of collection routes, the reductions of fuel costs and man-hours. To finalizing the third version of our sensor and upgrading it to industrial device. The development of the Mobile app will make easier for users to insert the material in the platform and to receive instantly the rewarding benefits through the loyalty system.