Reducing disposable diapers burden on environment by producing, selling and washing ecological cloth diapers, thus supporting circular economy in cities.


Lanamed Ltd. was established in the end of 2016 with its purpuse to design a new brand of cloth diapers, that would serve not only individual households, but also to institutions. Our agenda is to minimase impact on the enviroment with disposable diapers. Our company mission is thus in simplifying alternative diapering methods in all aspects.


Circular economy / waste mgmt.

Business Model

Every child needs a diaper from birth to cca.3 years of age. And each child produces up to 2 tons of disposable diapers, that take up to 500 years in landfills to decompose. In that proces, large amounts of methane are being released to the atmospfere, and toxic chemicals are being released into the water. There are cloth diapers available in the market now, but currently, there is no cloth diaper service available (in our region). In introducing that, all the trouble of cleaning and drying the diapers would be managed by cloth diaper service.


We would like to start with our diaper laundry service, buy washing machine, and incorporate research facilities to conduct studies as how to wash diapers ecological ways. Also, we would like to introduce diaper service to hospitals and day care centres. In this year, we would also love to make new contact in ecological fabric producers in EU, as well as producers of functional fabrics for waterproof layer of diapers. Currently, we are quite limited with EU offer, so we want to support textile industry with buying as local fabrics as possible.