Novel mobile computing models for energy saving and climate change awareness


SmartRDI's goal is to improve every day life by promoting new technologies in mobile and IoT areas, that take human mobility and interactions and transform them into opportunities for better connectivity, energy efficiency and intelligent environments. We focus on mobile development (our skills span over both Android and iOS; we take on any challenge, whether it’s a presentation app or a complex system synchronizing and processing large amounts of data), novel networking paradigms (we are currently paving the way for a new paradigm in mobile networking w


Green building
Smart building
Sensors and actors
Online/digital services/eCommerce
Data Centres and Services
Artificial intelligence

Business Model

SmartRDI offers a mobile offloading framework able to reduce power consumption in mobile devices and in the app developers' backend. It will be sold as business-to-consumer (B2C) or business-to-business (B2B). Firstly, it will be sold to companies interested in creating their own applications using our offloading engine (B2B), but also to individual developers or mobile application developers (B2C). An elastic sale model will be employed, through a pay-as-you-go system, where the client will be billed based on the amount of resources used (or nodes conne


We would like to steer our company towards investment and scaling, focusing on energy efficiency solutions for mobile devices. The first step is the implementation and validation of an improved mobile-to-mobile contextual offloading mechanism. Thus, the deliverable of this first step will be the offloading framework implemented as a TRL 4 Android application, on top of which mobile developers will be able to build their own applications. Furthermore, we will also deliver several applications on top of our framework, which have two goals. Firstly, they wi