For all electric vehicles or machinery for agriculture, associations of irrigation, small and medium farms and remote farms or remote constructions without grid connection our team can provide the Mobile hybrid system with wind and solar energy including remote control that is able to supply green energy free of charge. Unlike classical engines and pumps that use diesel engine and are very expensive and not profitable the Mobile hybrid System use green energy and high technology being like an Apple for source of green energy.


Clean Energy
Smart (e)mobility
Other Vehicles
Fueling/charging infrastructure

Business Model

The lack of electric grid and electricity sources for electric cars in agriculture and remote areas offers us a big opportunity to promote our system, in order to extend the electricity network in such areas. The costs of a fast charger suitable for electric vehicles in isolated places are very high. This problem could even limit the use of electric cars and machinery for agriculture in the future. Our mobile and modular system with remote control can be used by all owners of electric vehicles.


We intend to build the first prototype of the product, and to get several location of our clients for test in real field. Also we ll develop the second stage of the system that include more technical options for our clients and we ll increase the total power produced by our system.