No more waiting in line - reclaim your time


ZeroQueues (branded ZeroCozi in Romania) will help businesses and authorities provide better customer care, by digitizing the flow of how people arrive to consume their services. To be more specific, our purpose is to reduce customer waiting time to a minimum, allow customers to provide feedback easily, while providing relevant business intelligence to managers.


Data Centres and Services

Business Model

We offer a system that accepts both queuing and/or appointments (depending on your business model), where a customer is always informed of the time at which they will receive service. This allows customers to manage their schedule. Registering can happen at the location, but also online or from a mobile app, allowing customers to only come to the location when they will receive service, and not waste time waiting.


By end of 2018, we want to have a demo-ready product and a product presentation portfolio in place, so that we start engaging customers