Traditional taste in a cheeze made from nuts? YES! Just cashew and almonds in a gourmet guilt-free product.


Rawckers is the first producer of vegetal fermented cheeze in Romania. We create the product from natural ingredients like cashew nuts and almonds, using no preservatives, no added fats and oils. The traditional cheese taste is combined with essential spices, for obtaining a healthy, delicious delight. It looks good, it tastes good and it makes you feel good. Literally!


Food and beverage

Business Model

Approximately 65 % of the human population has a reduced ability to digest lactose. Most vegetal and vegan cheese althernatives on the market are made from oils and fats. There are less than 10 producers in Europe making vegan fermented cheese from healthy ingredients like ours. Therefore, our product is the healthiest solution for those who love cheese but are not able to consume it. Our cheeze will be available on our website, in health stores, groceries and restaurants.


Our main goal is to start production and honour the large requests we already have. Distribution in big cities from Romania is a first step in growing brand awareness.