Hub upgrade for small and medium commercial wind turbines that increases energy production 15% to 40%.


Northwind Engineering provides engineering consulting services and develops innovative technologies based on several years experience in the Danish wind industry developing technology to improve the performance of megawatt scale wind turbines.


Clean Energy

Business Model

Although the benefits of blade angle control are well known, there are no such systems offered for small and medium commercial wind turbines that have a positive business case either as a factory or retrofit solution. Our product solves the problem by providing the benefits of a smart blade angle control system in a cheaper, simpler, self-contained package. The BLACwind system is a hub for a wind turbine with a built-in mechanical blade angle control system that is easy to retrofit to an existing turbine or to implement into a new design.


During 2018 we will build our prototype and test it with our pilot project partner, a Danish manufacturer of small wind turbines. We will protect our IP by submitting the patent application, build up our design and modeling infrastructure, and seek out investors and customers.