Balancing electricity grid by using already existing energy instead of fossil fuel generators.


FuseBox has been building the demand response system in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania already 5 years. It has been not an easy task but we know that if we can make it here, we can make it everywhere. We are developing our technology and IT platform for trading flexible electricity loads profitably. We are looking for companies who might benefit from demand response (utilities, storage, smart city, smart grid, automation companies etc.).


Clean Energy
Energy management systems
Management of networks, grids
Green building
Smart building
Sensors and actors
Clean Industry
Industry efficiency

Business Model

Demand and supply of electricity must be balanced in every second. It is a tough job nowadays for balancing companies. Mainly because of massive installation of volatile renewables. So far, in case of sudden electricity deficit, the balancing company orders more supply from balancing power plants to meet the demand. BUT, FuseBox lowers electricity demand in the whole country to meet the electricity supply. It is vice versa compared to existing model. This kind of balancing is cheaper and totally CO2 free. We also avoid building new expensive fossil


We are working on gathering flexible loads from the industrial consumers. Developing our technology and IT system further.