NanoWeld makes carbon fiber textiles even stronger and ligher. NanoWeld(R) is powered by AmaDema.


AmaDema focuses on the design and manufacturing of novel and advanced intermediate products and materials for the polymer composites industry; products such as NanoWeld(R). Founded by two mechanical engineers, experts in the field of polymer (nano) composites, and one economist, AmaDema enhances carbon fibers performance, visioning in ten year from now to fly, drive, and sail with transportation made by NanoWeld(R).


Clean Energy
Mobility, transport & logistics
Other Vehicles
Clean Industry
Materials Innovation
Nanotech, nano surfaces

Business Model

Transportation industries face a continuous demand for lighter but stronger materials. NanoWeld(R) is a drastic solution that makes carbon fabrics stronger and lighter. NanoWeld is made in 3 phases: (1) creation of nanofabric, (2) insertion of nanofabric on carbon fabric surface, (3) consolidation of nanofabric with carbon fabric. Phases 2 & 3 are placed in a box, which is licensed to carbon fabric manufacturers. The latter pay to AmaDema royalties as well as a price per sq.m. to buy the in-house produced nanofabric in order to feed their box.


In 2017, AmaDema successfully (a) increased the NanoWeld(R) TRL to TRL 7-8 by manufacturing NanoWeld within an industrial environment and qualifying it in an industrial laboratory providing a certification. (b) filed a full PCT patent application to WIPO, EPO, and USPTO. (c) made the necessary networking in order to come closer with potential customers, large carbon fabric manufacturers. By the end of 2018, Amadema aims to set up a small scale production line within the new facilities that recently moved in (May 2018).