A Smart Touch for your Hot Water


Aqualoop provides smart hot water controllers suitable for electric hot water storage tanks. Our smart hot water controllers enable the user to have complete control over his/her hot water temperature and scheduling. This reduces electricity consumption due to prolonged water overheating and standing losses whilst maintaining the convenience of having hot water when needed.


Energy efficiency, Smart buildings, Smart cities

Business Model

Over 16TWh of electricity are wasted in Europe alone every year in electric hot water storage heaters. Aqualoop hot water controllers are suitable for over 80 million hot water storage tanks currently installed in Europe. Our smart hot water controllers are sold to end users through direct sales through our website and through our installer network. The end user has the option of buying only the product or choosing the option which includes a hassle-free installation.


Our team aims to launch our final product before the end of 2017. In order to achieve this target we aim to complete our electronic boards redesign, finalize our plastic casing design and finally test and CE certify our product. In addition we are setting up our final product assembly line, which will be done in-house.