Biomyc develops products, inspired by natural processes, through local untapped resource utilization.


Currently Biomyc is using second generation biomass /agricultural waste/ and mushroom mycelium to develop a composite material resembling styrofoam. Depending on the material treatment process, one can produce a multitude of products like – packaging, composite boards, construction materials and even leather.


Food and beverage
Clean Industry
Materials Innovation

Business Model

We are interested in the packaging and furniture markets and are currently producing prototypes of furniture composite boards well as product and transport packaging solutions. We are finishing our in-depth market research and are currently speaking with key stakeholders in both markets to pinpoint the best niche for initial market penetration. We have gathered product requests from various companies of different sizes. From a small cosmetics company to one of the largest wine producers in the country.


Our goal is to finish preparations for series A investment by the end of 2018 and use it to create a demonstrator plant to run our initial pilot production series by the end of 2019.